Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New commissioned stuff

This is for a lovely client in the UK who has been supporting my art.

The earrings are a version of something I had done way earlier. It's a stunning colour combo, and dramatically long.

The statement necklace with little earrings set is a customed one-of-a-kind creation she wanted for her mum. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the set, because the combination of stones sort of evolved from a colour scheme and concept she had provided me with. :)

Pink agate, turquoise, vermeil, 14K gold filled ear wire

Agates, jaspers, turquoise, quartz, with non-tarnish brass wire and closure

Jasper and turquoise, with vermeil and 14K gold filled ear wire


  1. Hiya Pearl! Do you remember the red rose ring you made for me when I bought a pair of the blue, red and white tri-colour earrings? A friend of mine is interested in purchasing a red rose ring from you, and I'm just wondering how much it will cost? :)

  2. Pearl,

    Your client loves her pieces.. :)
    I am going on vacation soon and I cannot wait to show them off..

    Many thanks