Monday, November 9, 2009

All Wii-ed Up

Last night, I discovered the joys of Wii Tennis. And today, I am discovering the pains.

You see, I really get into the game. I take it personal - with the computer. I'm so into it, I am all over the room lungeing/diving for the ball, and whacking it with 'precision'. While waiting for the computer to serve, I am bouncing around, to keep the energy going, 'coz I want to slaughter 'him'. 15 minutes into a game, I am sweating like there's no tomorrow. I should really consider investing in those head and wrist sweatbands a la Bjorn Borg...

... I'm really digging the checkered top and baby-blue shorts too.
So today, I cannot lift my right arm. I can feel the burn in muscles I never knew existed. I can feel a strange pulling and a dull ache in my upper tricep just outside of my armpit as I type this. And I had a really challenging time cooking up fried noodles for lunch, with my left arm.

I need to prime my left arm up. As much as I love to Wii-tennis, I don't want to develop alien-esque unequal sized arms. Tonight I will be playing lefty.
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