Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Acquisition

Dr Martens Pascal Boot

The Dr Martens Pascal Boots in Shiraz.  I got me a pair of these lovelies coz my current boots are so worn on the outer side of the heels that they're making me tip.  I realised I was walking with a slightly contorted ankle to make up for the tip and prevent my ankle buckling.  Which kinda explains how I managed to sprain my ankle twice.  Tragic.

I was a bit torn between the uber-cool Navy and this super Shiraz.  I then figured the Shiraz looks a tad more feminine, and therefore, flattering - considering I am constantly in buttoned-up Oxford shirts and high-cuffed jeans.

Anyhoo, I am wearing my gorgeous new DMs in.  Though I must say, they don't need all that much wearing in, coz the Buttero leather is oh-so-soft.  I am surprised how snugly they fit, because, you see, I have extra skinny feet, and usually my foot is swimming around in any normal shoe.  These fit like a glove.  And in this deep oxblood red, my cool factor just hit the roof, I swear. ;)

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