Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scenes from Amsterdam

Ah, Amsterdam... :)

With a kickin' arts and culture scene, gorgeous architecture that's archaic yet chic, people so chilled out they are economical with words and emotion (in a nice way), casual cannabis coffeeshops and soulful, hearty traditional grub houses everywhere, I love how Amsterdam has a curiously comfortable way to serve up Heaven and Hell, on the very same plate.  

From the stark practicality of the Red Light district that grates on the Conservative, to the unabashed graffiti that inspires the Artist;  the grandeur of the museums filled with Vermeers and van Goghs, to the quiet grace of a mother-and-daughter run coffeeshop complete with a Zen crystal garden, Amsterdam has no secrets.  She tells you everything, and then leaves you to decide who you want to be.  

And that is why Amsterdam is so the place to just Be. :)



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