Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting My Yoga Needs On YouTube

Every day, I scour YouTube to watch yogis and yoginis do their thing.  There is so much yoga YouTube material out there, you'll never run out of inspiration.

My favourite is Kino MacGregor.  She is Da Bomb.  I love how she can chatter on while she throws her leg behind her neck, or floats up into a handstand.  She makes it look super easy, but lets you know it is not, and that it's OK not to get it right for a long time to come, because it's the journey that matters (Yes, Kino).  She has done so much stuff for sharing, it is absolutely amazing.  Just look at her go about her stuff.  Remember to breathe.  And prop up your jaw...

Isn't she a goddess... *happy sigh* :)

Another yogini I like to gather inspiration and instruction from is Shana Meyerson.  She is funny, bubbly, and super-precise with her instruction.  Such an amazing teacher!

She's SO cool! :)

And then there's Meghan Currie.  Her flow is just so awe-inspiring.  Don't be fooled by what looks like a smooth, fluid and chilled-out workout.  It is actually an absolute killer.  Just try this one.  I dare you to.


Other than a proper yoga teacher on the well-stocked My Yoga Online, she proves herself to be a raving goofball on her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos of her home practice in fast mo, how she and best friend make honey face masks, and how she cuts her own hair.  What a kookie! (And I mean that in the fondest way)

So, this is how I get my yoga fix.  I watch, I take notes, I keep in memory, and then I roll out my mat, and give my Self some attention. :)

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