Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scenes from Zanzibar

Yes, I have just returned from the most amazing holiday evah, in Zanzibar.  We stayed for five glorious days, to celebrate our friends' wedding.   Five days of buffet breakfasts and dinners, five days of no cleaning, cooking or laundry, five days of alternately partying and relaxing with good, good friends.  Gosh, what happy days! :)

The airport in Zanzibar was pretty much a bungalow with a giant tarmac patio...

... with a couple of airplanes parked on it.

The view from my lounge chair, from where I soaked up the sun and nursed many a Tusker while watching Those Two play in the pool.

And the sea was no ordinary blue.  It was a breathtaking silvery turquoise.  Not quite captured on my iPhone camera. :S

Stonetown is the Old Centre of Zanzibar.  Smack next to the sea, it's focal point is a museum which used to be a fort.  A grand, formidable stone structure that provides a soul-centre to an intricate maze of shops and residences, filled with tourists out for a good buy, and locals going about with their daily lives...

There is nothing quite like a dhow ride off the Zanzibari coast to watch the sun set over the idyllic, glittery turquoise horizon.  


Add to that some champagne and calamari, a local musician onboard serenading "Malaika", and a few coastal kids swimming out to say "Jambo!".  Nope, absolutely nothing quite like it... except Perfect. :)

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