Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Midsummer Day

The past few days have been bright and sunny.  So nice to hang the laundry out and be able to fold them up by late afternoon.  The roses are in bloom, so are the gladiolas and jasmine... *happy sigh* :)

Unfortunately, the good weather left us this morning.  And, yes, the laundry rack is back in the house.  It's cloudy, wet and muggily cool.  Moody days like these, I cozy on down with my crochet...

I'm working on a granny square throw for the sofa.  The chevron one has served us well the past winter, and I am looking to give the sofa a new look come winter. :)

One granny square after another...

I have 42 squares.  So I have plenty of purple-border work cut out for me.

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