Friday, June 22, 2012

Rough Waters Ahead

My nightmare weekend pretty much starts now.

It's pissing down, complete with blustery winds, and I shall have to take Ruhi to her school's "Olympic Fun Day".

On top of all that, London bus drivers are on strike, and bus services are super erratic.

And today is the husband's wisdom teeth removal surgery.  Which means I shall have to prepare baby food for the next few days.

And for some reason, my mind is doing star-jumps and burpees.  I'm standing in the kitchen, wanting to get something from the living room, and when I get there, I can't remember why I had walked into the living room.  (Nope, the house is not too big. :S)

Which is why, when I make it through all this, I shall reward myself with a cup of tea, in this lovely mug by DirtyDishes. :)

available here

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