Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scenes from Edinburgh

So we did Edinburgh this recent long weekend.  Took us 4 and a half hours by train - longer than it took us to get to Paris.  Although I must say, it was quite a comfortable ride, with lots of beautiful scenery whizzing by.  But I certainly could have done without the Hen Party cackling away two rows behind us... -__-

Somewhere past York
Somewhere past Darlington
Somewhere near Durham
Somewhere (I can't remember)

The Royal Mile is a long street (longer than an actual mile because it's, erm, Scottish.) from the centre of town to Edinburgh Castle, full of quaint little shops, interesting eateries and gorgeous little pubs, punctuated by tourist traps flogging everything Tartan, complete with blaring bagpipe soundtracks.

You will not believe how nice the people here are, until you stand at a street corner holding a map and looking confused, and the next random couple immediately stops and asks you if you need help.  They look about 100 years old, but are as fit as fiddles and holding hands like a pair of teenagers.  They point you very warmly to where you need to go and bid you a very good day.  Now THAT'S what I call Nice. :)

Forget the breathtaking Gothic architecture, the rich and gripping Scottish history, and the whole romance of being in Edinburgh, home of haggis, neeps and tatties (a.k.a. sheep's guts, turnips and potatoes).  These Two had the most fun at Camera Obscura Museum.  A small, archaic location, jam-packed with optical illusions of every kind.  From mirrors to graphic patterns, shadows to light shows.  I wasn't all that keen to start with, but it proved pretty entertaining.


 To say Edinburgh is "hilly", would be an understatement.  The entire city is undulating.  As such, I had to face my arch enemy, Uphill, many times during this trip. And as a result, I was having none of Holyrood Park, a hill-type park where you trek up some crags and get to Arthur's Seat.  Even if it boasted amazing geographical features and the best view of Edinburgh, I'm happier taking a picture of it from afar, thankyouverymuch. :)

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