Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MAYA & RUHI at Two Red Trees

I received an email recently from one Anna Ward, an artist and entrepreneur based in Cornwall, dedicated to putting the soul back in things.

Two Red Trees is an online platform that focuses on helping artisans in the UK eke out a living.  As such, the site features very unique, and lovingly handmade, items.  So perfect for gifting (even to yourself), because handmade is always so much more special.  

So, to make MAYA & RUHI a little special at Two Red Trees, here are a couple of pieces not over at the Etsy shop. ;)

Medley of Agates long bib necklace
Medley of Agates

Turquoise necklace
Turquoise necklace

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  1. Love the turquoise one, beautiful x