Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Stuff

I'm on a roll (at the worktable) with these gorgeous slices of banded agates.  They're literally slices of rock, so every one is absolutely one of a kind.  No chance of turning up at a do, and someone is wearing the exact same thing.  I hate when that happens.

Purple and Amber

Seafoam Green

Hot Pink


  1. Hey Pearl, noticed that your fingers and hands need some pampering. Those hard-working palms,hands,fingers and nails really need to be taken care of as they look "tired" and your back/neck too as you're always doing bead works;-). Take care

    1. Thanks so much for your concern, I do appreciate it. But, I'm so sorry, I have no idea who you are, coz it's coming as ANONYMOUS. May I know who this is?? :)