Thursday, July 21, 2011

Working It

Funny thing: the other day, someone asked me what do I do, and I said "Nothing". When actually I work my goddamned ass off all fricken day.

That's how bad it is. So deeply embedded in our heads that stay-at-home mums have it easy, that even myself as one, bow to that notion in passing conversation.

So yes, other than the laundry, the cooking, the washing up, the occasional cleaning, keeping house, chaperoning, mediating fights, cheerleading, disciplining, and making better little boo-boos, I also make pretty things. Which is what I should say, the next time someone asks.

I'll post proper pics of my pretty things another time. Coz in progress on the worktable is a seafoam green one, a rugged cobalt blue one, and a rawkin' deep purple one, and a few custom orders. Here's a sneak peek...

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