Friday, July 29, 2011


That's the name of my new Etsy shop, where I am hawking the products of my crochet addiction. Do drop by and check it out at

Kiddy heartwarmers of various bright colour combos - all lovingly handmade, and nicely warm. I'm doing up a couple more colour combos, and also going to start doing matching beanies.

I really like how these are so useful for summer-cool days, as well as winter-cold ones. Worn like a wrap-shrug, it's easy to use and sufficiently cozy. And then when it gets bitterly cold, this can be wrapped around and around as a super-warm, burly scarf. Or tied over the head as a scoodie (scarf/hoodie).

Ruhi is the Simpliciti Poster Girl, so every new colour combo has to be done first in her size. I'm working on making available sizes aged 4/5, 6/7, and 8/9, although I will take on any custom orders of specific colour combos and/or size.

Maybe I should get her to pose in the heartwarmers a la bitter winter. Right now she's just all cutesy in Spring/Summer fashion...

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