Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gratuitous Fabulous Jewelry Pic

This is the Cartier Hindu necklace, also known as the Tutti Frutti necklace.

Commissioned in 1936 by Daisy Fellowes, heiress to the fortunes at Singer sewing machine, the Cartier Tutti Frutti design is inspired by traditional Indian designs.

Taken from a 1935 Cartier commission by the Maharajah of Patna, the piece features over 1000 stones - diamond and sapphire bezels, and carved ruby, sapphire and emerald leaves, all imported from India. It's a design based on Persian and Indian Hindu decorative elements, and was highly popular with the notoriously opulent Mughals.

Price tag? About USD 3 million. Part of Cartier's collection, and not for sale.

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