Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pain and Passion

So I have been working prolifically on my new collection. I decided on my Muse, chicken-scratched pages of ideas, and for the past two days have been crafting enthusiastically (and endlessly) on some prototypes and some more high-end exclusive pieces. Highly invigorating stuff. Not to mention, oh-so satisfying to see the finished piece sitting pretty in a ziplock bag.

And today I am suffering for it. From all the heavy wire-working, I have developed terrible, terrible Tennis Elbow. Yes, it is entirely possible to get Tennis Elbow without playing a smidgen of tennis. The little piece of muscle sitting on top of my elbow is painful to the slightest touch, much as if someone has whacked it with, well, a tennis racket.

So it's Salonpas to the rescue. The smell is disgusting. One of those mentholated herbal scents usually associated with ailing aged people, and it makes me feel like 100 years old. But hey, if it relieves my pain, I can live with the pong quite happily.

So here's to Pain and Passion. And there within lies my Muse. Any guesses who it might be?

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  1. Haha, my mother uses Salonpas for aches and pains. Feel better soon!