Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yes, it has been 5 long days since I blogged. The last hiatus was over the Christmas hols, but that was a legitimate holiday. This time though, I have just been too busy cleaning house, and surviving the Chinese New Year rigmarole.

Being without help for the past 10 days took its toll 2 days ago, when I gimped up my thumb while vacuuming. I was enthusiastically sucking up all the dirt from under the sofa, when I pulled the nozzle out really hard and banged my thumb up against the coffee table.

Now, as far as I am aware, I have a pretty high threshold for pain, what with having birthed 2 kids au naturel with no drugs, and a massive blackwork tattoo at the back of my neck, and a huge one on the arm with multiple sittings... But this thumb-stubbing was, I swear, the ultimate pain. It was pretty bad, realistically, 'coz the cuticle was torn off backwards from the nail, and it was bleeding some. But the pain, oddly enough, was so bad I almost passed out. Seriously, my hearing was going and my head was all woozy.

So I quickly cleaned it up and went and lay down on the bed. And fell asleep for a couple of hours. After which I went for a walk, because I couldn't do any housework anyway. Even walking around was painful, 'coz I had to have my hand raised to shoulder level, else I could feel a throbbing pressure in my thumb.

Glad to report today though, that all is well. I managed to wash my hair with both hands today, and do the washing up after lunch. I was also back at vacuuming this morning. This time with the coffee table moved well away.

I was gonna post a pic of my gimped thumb, but thought it might be a little too gross. So this shall have to be a pic-less post. ;)


  1. OH NO!!! that sounds horrible :( I'm glad to hear you're feeling much better... gosh, that must be some serious pain if you can compare it to childbirth :O happy chinese new year pearl! the year can only get better from here :D

  2. Hey Natelle! Gong hey fatt choy to you too! In an ideal world, I'd give you a hong bao as well... ;)

    Yes, this pain. I'm thinking it's because age is catching up. I hear people say that threshold for pain actually lessens with age...

  3. Oh, Pearl! That sounds so horrible! Take care of your poor thumb!

  4. Thanks Emily! It's much better now... :D