Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Scenes from Paris

These are pics off Maya's camera.  She is quite excited to share them.  So here's Paris through Maya's eyes...


(Fascination with Champs Elysee shop windows.  I suppose tween-hood does that to you.)


(I didn't realise she had so much food porn! O_O)

(Not only did she manage to get this moody look of the Eiffel Tower...

... she also had the artistic sense to capture it on my sunglasses...

... and the good sense to get one of Mum and Dad together with a pretty goddamned classic backdrop.)

(Them Two with Cousin Isha had a blast.  I suppose this is what they looked like to each other after having too much Dora the Explorer champagne... :S)

(Seriously, the longest travelator EVAH, through one of the metro connections.)

Yes, Maya is quite nifty with a camera! :)

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