Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spot the Difference(s)

I can't believe this weather.  I mean, I've always heard about "the crazy English weather", but this is seriously maddening.  I don't know how the flora and fauna cope with this place... 

Less than a month back everything was blanketed in snow, and blizzarding at -6 degrees C.  Then a week later it was bright and sunny and well into the teens.  We all thought Spring had sprung, glad to be rid of our big heavy coats and chunky scarfs, traipsing about in the sunshine.

But as of 2 days ago, temperatures plummeted and we're back to blight.  So it's back to trudging across the Common head-on against the wind, complete with tears and snot.  Apparently, it might even hail.  Altogether, not a pretty sight.

Bi-polar of what, huh? O_O

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