Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No Satisfaction

I have developed a rather unhealthy addiction to Mixed Fruit Tart and Pinterest.  No relation, I think.

For some odd reason, I have now a Sweet Tooth.  Not so much the Chocolate type, but so the Mixed Fruit Tart type.  I have scoured the Village for the best Mixed Fruit Tart, and the best is at Bayley and Sage, with it's not-too-sweet crust and its towering portion of fruit.

As for Pinterest, I started after reading about a fellow Etsy seller's adventures on it.  And since I started, I have found myself having to prise myself off the computer.  Or reluctantly, but determinedly, click the Close Window X.

In case you're (p)interested, here I am http://pinterest.com/mayaruhi/.  Just a collection of stuff that, I think, says Me.  And ever so useful for Doldrum Days, when I feel like crafting but have no idea what...

And, yes, superb for collecting Mixed Fruit Tart porn... :)

Recipe and photo from lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com.

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