Monday, January 30, 2012

Poncho Production

This is a poncho I crochet-ed up for Ruhi.  I found this lovely pattern at the website Le Monde de Sucrette, written by a generous and super-talented crocheter and artist named Angie.

Ruhi's poncho turned out so cute, I did another one for Cousin Isha.  And right now, I'm halfway through another one for Cousin Amiya.

Since then, I have received many compliments.  I've also been told I should get this done for sale.  In fact, I have already received custom orders.

So I guess you know what I shall be busy with the next few weeks...

A fellow jewelry artisan friend of mine has suggested I exhibit at an artisans' fair at Clapham High Street.  I told her I'll have to see how fast the crocheting can get... ;)

Truth be told, I experimented with another poncho style, for an adult, in a lovely aran wool blend in a graphite hue - a significantly more sane colour scheme. ;)

It turned out so super gorgeous, I gifted it to my sister-in-law.  I have no pics of that one. But I do have a custom order from her friend who saw her in it... ;D

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