Thursday, January 26, 2012

Common Sights

This is Wimbledon Common.  And I have a love-hate relationship with it.  Here's why...

I have to walk across it 4 times a day.  Twice in the morning to take Ruhi to school, and twice in the afternoon to pick her up.  Each way is about 10 minutes' brisk walking.  Which makes it about 40 minutes' brisk walking for me every day.  And you know how I hate Exercise.  The thought of having to wake up at 6.30am and gear up for the cold walk across leaves ugly dents on my already-fragile psyche sometimes...

It's a Common.  A lot unlike a Park, I soon found out.  When I was told I had to walk across a park as part of the school run, I was thinking Singapore Botanic Gardens, manicured bushes, nicely trimmed grassy areas, pretty little dogs on leashes... So the Common was a bit of a nasty shock, with it's overgrowth, kept in check only by posh folk trundling about in appropriately grubby wellies, and their numerous over-sized and/or over-exuberant canine companions -- unleashed.  Indeed, a very different world.

But after a few exhausting treks, I discovered these:

And so, every single day, I fall in love -- all over again -- with the Common. :)

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