Friday, November 26, 2010

Time To London

In a week's time, I shall be off to London, where me and Those Two will spend an entire month with Our Dad. In the next seven days, I have a ton of things to wrap up and take care of: get bills paid, get dog settled at sitter's, get school bags sorted out, get presents bought, get suitcases packed...

Frankly speaking, I am not looking forward to the sun rising at 9am and setting at 3pm, and shops shutting at 6pm. But, hey, it's a change. We will be freezing together, as a family, at least. ;)

What I AM looking forward to are the museums (Again. Of course.), the yarn shops (with my newfound crochet obsession), and the relatively healthy diet (read: Pret A Manger sandwiches. Love!). Also, the many friends and relatives whom I haven't met up with for a long time. :)

As such, the blogging shall be fairly erratic for the next month or so. But rest assured, the giveaways, and updates will follow through. Eventually. :)

(pic via J.A. Alcaide)

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