Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Addicted To Crochet

I have tumbled hopelessly off the jewelry wagon, and landed in some seriously sticky crochet mud.

Last night, I sat in front of the TV, from the evening news, to The Mentalist, through to CSI:NY, and then House - crocheting all them hours straight. I am surprised my fingers have not knarled into knots in cramps.

Here are some signs that you too, might be a hopeless crochet addict:

* you zone out for hours on end, hungry for the next row to be completed, and then find yourself eager to start the next row.

* you carry your latest project around with you in a nifty little bag, in case you might want to whip it out and get some stitches in, while on the bus or waiting at the ATM.

* you ignore all pending work of every other kind, to get some crochet "work" done.

* you are sad your children don't have the same burning passion for crochet.

Yes. Hi, my name is Pearl, and I am a Crochet Addict.

Today, I shall be on a self-imposed rehab, cold turkey. I will NOT crochet. Until I get a few hours of jewelry in.

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