Monday, October 5, 2009

Where's Isaac?

I swear, Isaac Mizrahi is the best thing that has ever happened to Liz Claiborne. Relegated to being aunty-wear, Liz Claiborne had become the female Crocodile, with a bit less "cult" and a lot more "boring". Seriously, it was pretty painful to look at.

But since Isaac Mizrahi's taking over the helm, the brand has enjoyed a new lease of life. Now it's fun, it's chic, and so bordering deliciously on "Gossip Girl". He is keeping its conservative mien, but with updated silhouettes and more fresh and spunky palettes. And now, it's just-plain cute.

Just like the ad campaigns. Everyone in it is wearing Liz Claiborne. Only one person is a supermodel. And Isaac Mizrahi (whom I have always thought is one of the cutest things ever) is peering from somewhere... See if you can find him.

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