Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding Commission

The one on the left is for the day's church wedding, while the one on the right is for the evening's wedding banquet.

Both are still prototypes (pins and wires are brass), and I shall be working feverishly the next couple of days (wedding is early November!), deconstructing the prototypes, and reconstructing them in 14K gold filled wire and pins.

The day's "princess" piece is of freshwater pearls, apatite, and a super-gorgeous concave-cut blue topaz. Everything else is 24K gold plated 925 silver, and (soon-to-be) 14K goldfill.

The evening's "diva" number is of garnets, amethyst, black spinel, and succulent freshwater semi-baroque pearls. As above, everything else is 24K gold plated 825 silver, and (soon-to-be) 14K goldfill.

A matching bracelet for the day, and a matching bangle/cuff for the evening is in the making. So watch this space! ;)


  1. GORGEOUS! especially the night earrings. can't wait to see what the finished bracelet and bangle will look like! If I get married, you're totally doing my jewellery :D

  2. Lurve the diva-of-the nite earrings! Simply Divine!

  3. Hey Natelle! Thanks!! I'd be most honoured to custom for a fellow artist! And what "IF you get married..."? You mean "WHEN you get married..." ;)