Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Stuff

I'm going to be filling up the Etsy shop these next few weeks.  No point these little lovelies just sitting around in the craft room.

That's a problem I have, you see.  I just sit there and craft and craft and craft, and then completely forget to list them up at the shop.  Not a very smart seller I am.  A good crafter (if I may say so myself), but not a very good seller. :S

So here they are, a slew of chunky bangles.  I love how they are so simple yet so stunning.  The natural beauty of the stones shine right through with a no-nonsense ultra-chic form.  These are handforged with non-tarnish brass wire.  Such statement pieces, don't you think? :)

Click here to see them in the shop.

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