Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Big Move

I am in the throes of readying us all up to relocate to London. And it's proving to involve gargantuan amounts of filing, sorting, organizing... skills at which I seriously suck.

Time and again, I will have mini-meltdowns regarding papers that are not fully in order, stuff that I can't quite decide to keep or dump, to stay in storage or to go with us. And if it does stay or go, where does it go(???). Godammit.

It's pretty overwhelming, for someone as organizationally-challenged as me. Bold and Noble's London type map, complete with the Thames cutting through, somewhat visually represents the stuff that's in my head right now. Though what's in my head is probably less organized... :S


  1. why are u moving to london?

  2. Husband got posted there. So the whole gang's gotta go! ;)