Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Making It Big And Not-Quite

Yesterday, I made up my mind not to take part in Blueprint Emporium, the exhibition that industry players were sure would take MAYA & RUHI to new heights.

And what does THAT actually mean? If MAYA & RUHI were to scale new heights and become The Next Big Thing, I foresee it as me having to spend a lot of time and attention on all kinds of business aspects, things like orders and invoices, sourcing, farming out my crafting, marketing and advertising, etc.

It would take me away from what I love about MAYA & RUHI, which is sitting at the worktable, soaking in the creative energy of the complete chaos of beads and wires, and letting each design evolve with multiple construction and deconstruction. Even worse, I foresee that if MAYA & RUHI really took off, the real Maya and Ruhi will have no mother. I'm THAT poor a multi-tasker. That is why I can't have a "proper" career and be an effective mom. At the same time.

What sealed the deal for me was the arrival of a thank-you card from a client whom I had customed a pair of earrings for. It was such a sweet, personal gesture, it utterly and completely made my day that day.

These fairs I have been doing, not only gives me a break from the endless laundry cycles, cooking, cleaning, washing up, mothering and what-not. These fairs also let me meet the people who appreciate and support my art personally, and that is what gives me the gratification and motivation to continue doing what I do best, which is design and craft every single piece, from scratch, with my own hands.

Like I told a good friend yesterday, who had asked if I had come to a decision about Blueprint, "I craft better than supervise other people crafting". In other words, I am very happy where MAYA & RUHI is, and where I am, at home with the real Maya and Ruhi.

And here's for a big Thank-You to everyone who has ever supported MAYA & RUHI in any way. :D


  1. Work what is best for you, and the most important element is that you enjoy what you are doing.Cheers :)

  2. Thanks, M. Kate! You're right, it's so important to not dread what you are doing. I'm sure I'd enjoy having a MAYA & RUHI empire. But I enjoy being at home with the real Maya and Ruhi more. ;)