Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Affair at The Marriott

I've just signed up for a table at the Spring Affair at The Marriott, on March 28th. It's sort of like an elite shopping destination for mainly the expat housewife (thus the weekday slot), with a congregation of merchants with rather exclusive and/or unique stuff.

I met up with the organisers yesterday, who were rather awed at the fact that I actually sit at home and craft up these pieces of jewelry. I suppose all the others are buying-and-selling, a lot of them expat housewives with an entrepreneurial itch. Most of them bring in stuff from their own home countries. So it makes a really interesting look-see even if you're not out to buy.

So, until then, I shall be crafting feverishly. There will be lots of new rings, bangles and earrings (both Chic and Uniques and Klimts), so do try and drop by to have a look, and to say 'Hello!". :)

(pic via savagechickens)

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