Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work(s) In Progress

Two commissions...

This is a pair of party earrings for C, who fancied the designs of my Byzantine bracelets, and wanted me to translate them into earrings, to go with a pair of very sexy purple satin stilettos. Yum!

I'm all done with the prototype, with amethysts, garnets, onyx, and Swarvoski cream pearls. I'll be taking this apart and working on the final, with slightly finer wire, which I think will give the entire thing an even more sleek and sophisticated look.

This here is going to be a triple strand choker, with stone charms on the toggle clasp, another signature format of mine. T wants something that will look smart enough for work (she's a lawyer), but at the same time something not so stuffy that she looks like a complete nerd. ;)

I adore this gorgeous bunch of faceted turquoise. It's cute, and classy. I'm wireworking them, as opposed to stringing all of them along, so that each little bead can show off its gorgeous faceting and lovely light brown veins, and shine on it's own... :)

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