Friday, October 29, 2010


Yes, I am a migraine sufferer. For about 4 days a month, I am paralysed by what feels like a skewer going right through my skull just above my left eye.

So, at this point, I scoff down certain painkillers - Naproxen, Tramadol, etc (not all at one time though). And because I need to take these painkillers, I need to eat. And because I need to eat (even when I am not hungry), I put on a few pounds. And because I put on a few pounds, I get a bit upset. On top of feeling fat and unwell, I am unproductive, cranky and depressed. Argh, or what, huh?

So basically nothing can help me. Except, maybe, for an entire day of lolling about in bed, cradling and pounding on my head alternatively. I warn Them Two about The Headache, and they instinctively know to put in a little more effort around the house, and talk to me only when absolutely necessary.

Thing is, I just hope Them Two have not inherited this. Poor dears...

(pic via icanread)

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