Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Help! It's the Holidays!

I do not lie. The holidays are such crazy times for me.

You see, when it's not the holidays, the kids are in school, orders are at a pretty sane and cope-able pace, so home-work and work-work is, well, nice and sorted.

But when holidays come, things go a bit bonkers. First of all, These Two are home all day, which I swear, drives me to drink. I spend the days mediating fights, answering banal questions, policing homework, on top of the planning and shopping for the meals, cooking and running of the household... I think very few people realise that the entire existence of a stay-at-home mom is one of Pure Service...

Anyhoo, so I HAVE to take them out of the house every other day, either to the museums or the malls, or any vaguely entertaining spot that is kid-friendly. At the same time, orders have poured in for the festive season. So basically, I have half the time to work, and double the amount of work to complete. Maddening, or what?

So today is a good time to take a break from my "holidays". Thanks to my super mum, I will have the entire afternoon to myself. I am going to yoga extra long today. With light, pampering stretches, instead of gungho stuff like bootcamp balances and menacing warriors. I am going to seriously relish today's rounds of cat poses, sage twists and back bends. Ahhh, sounds lovely already...

... and then I am going to get right back into It. But I'd be rested and raring to go. :)

(pic via flickr)

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  1. MOST people think stay at home mums like us are "very free"... and did you say you are always mediating fights?? Tks, that make me feel abit more balanced...