Friday, March 27, 2009

I will survive

Seriously, it was the last thing I wanted to do: take a 20-minute walk to the yoga centre for and hour and a half's session of yoga. But I have had one yoga teacher say to me, "The more you don't want to go, the more you should go." Basically the more resistance you feel, the more your body actually needs the stretching and the exercise. Makes sense.

In all the yoga sessions I have had, all the positions that are supposed to be stimulating and energy-giving, have always sent me straight to bed around an hour later. I swear, I come home from yoga sessions, and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I suppose yoga just helps to loosen things up, so that my body can recognise what it really needs, which is probably something as simple as solid, deep, undisturbed sleep.

And now, I will pull another late night, because of the power nap I had after today's yoga. Which means tomorrow will be another god-awful morning.

And so the cycle begins again...

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